Obesity in Turkey

According to data released by Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) in 2014, incidence of obesity is 20% in our country.If body mass index is taken into consideration, for people aged at or above 15 years, 33.7% are overweight, while 42.2% have normal body weight and 4.2% are underweight. Regarding gender, 24.5% of women are obese and 29.3% are overweight.Those rates are 15.3% and 38.2% in male, respectively.When population-based data is specified in numbers; 40 million "overweight", 8 million "obese" people and 2 million "morbid obese" people, who are candidates of obesity surgery, live in our country.Even though obesity surgery is performed by approximately 300 surgeons in more than 30 centers, mean number of patients who underwent surgery is around 8.000.

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