Gastric Band

Mide BandıThis method began to be used in weight loss surgeries 15 years ago when daily use of close surgeries became widespread. This method is colloquially known as ‘stomach stapling’ since it compresses the stomach immediately under the area where the esophagus enters into the stomach. This method functions by restricting food intake into stomach. Since it does not cause loss of appetite, patients try to find a way to take food and they consume liquid foods rich in calorie such as ice cream or honey. Despite tabloid news, rate of complication and death is lower than other surgical therapies when it is performed by experienced physicians. Even if it seems advantageous since it can be removed at any time and it does not cause a permanent change in body, long-term success rates are low. In other words, even though gastric band is placed, patients may start gaining weight again with consuming high calorie foods which "trick" the “stomach staple”. Moreover, it may be necessary to remove it because of long-term problems that are faced in 30-40% of the cases.

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