Gastric Balloon

Mide BalonuGastric balloon is the simplest method that helps weight loss.In this method, a balloon filled with fluid or air is placed in stomach under endoscopic guidance and minimal anesthesia.The procedure lasts 15-20 minutes.Thus, capacity of food intake is decreased and sensation of fullness is rapidly ensured.With this method, patients may lose 7 to 8 kg in several months.However, this balloon stays in body for 6 months or maximum 1 year and it is removed with endoscopic method within 5 to 6 minutes.Ease of placement and absence of permanent change in body are advantages, but rebound weight gain is a possibility, if patients do not modify lifestyle and follow dietary restrictions.However, patients try, learn and are educated about how to eat in this 6-month to 1-year period.Although this procedure recently lost popularity, it is preferred for patients, for whom surgery poses high risk, or for super obese patients to make them ready for principal morbid obesity surgery.This method can be ideal for individuals with BMI 30-40 kg/m2.

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