Considerations after Obesity Surgery

Contrast-enhanced imaging study is performed to check leakage in the first day after the surgery and oral nutrition is allowed, if no leakage is observed. Most patients are discharged four days after the sleeve gastrectomy, although this period may vary depending on status of recovery. Patients are recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water (8 glasses) per day and to eat liquid foods in the first 2 weeks, as advised by your dietician, after discharge. You should necessarily take protein supplements every day. Soft foods are gradually allowed after 2 weeks. It is recommended to eat in small amounts and chew well before swallowing foods. Heavy exercise and lifting heavy objects should be avoided. Patients require 20 to 30 days to engage in work depending on type of the work. Women who plan conception are recommended contraception for one year and to get pregnant after she is assessed by a dietician.

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