Diet Therapy

Diyet TedavisiIt is the most important stage in treatment of obesity. Here, the term diet does not imply a particular type of diet which imposes eating in very small amount for a short period. On the other hand, this type of diet will be harmful rather than beneficial and it will be very difficult to get positive outcomes. A short-term will result in weight loss limited to 3 to 5 kilos. However, as it is experienced and learnt by most overweight people, the result will be rebound weight gain when the diet is stopped and one starts normal eating pattern. This is called Yo-Yo effect. As everybody knows, Yo-Yo is a toy. It returns to us when we roll it down. When the diet is restricted to one type of food, such as vegetable, fruit, pasta or meat alone, symptoms may develop and even diseases may occur secondary to deficiencies of some nutrients, since those diets cannot meet particular requirements of the body. The target should be losing 10% of the total body weight in six months.

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